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Data and knowledge about religion
Usual Residence - time for a change?
Offenders: numbers and needs
Ageing and Planning
Trends Informing Planning Policy
Domestic Violence Businesscase
Evidence for clock change [with DS]

Here are some examples of work we have carried out:

Presentation to British Society for Population Studies on measuring religion

2. Impact assessment of the Family Connectors project in Great Yarmouth

3. Projections of costs of social care for the elderly in Hertfordshire, literature review of costs of social and health care

4. Presentation to British Society for Population Studies on outliers to usual residence population

5. Work with Cambridgeshire County Council on numbers and needs of offenders, to assist commissioning of services by Police & Crime Commissioners

6. Presentation to RTPI East of England conference on Planning’s Role in Improving Life for an Ageing Population

7. Update on trends in the economy, population and housing for a District to evaluate context for planning policies

8. Research to underpin a business case for work with Domestic Abuse offenders

9. Working with David Simmonds Consultancy, a report for national Government on evidence which could be used to assess impact of a move to double summer time in the UK

10. Review of the potential of superfast broadband in Cambridgeshire

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